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C: Good morning. This is ... of ... .

R: Good morning, (my company), this is Torsten Pagels speaking.

Asking for someone

I'd like to speak to ... , please.

Could I speak to ... , please.


R: I'm sorry, Mr Schmidt is out of the office today. Can I help? / Can I take a message?

C: Can I leave a message?


How are you?

How's business / life / the weather?

Coming to the point

The reason I'm calling is ...

I' calling about ...

Moving on

Is that OK? OK! / Fine! / Great! / Right!

Shall we agree on that?

Returning to a subject

Can we come back to the question of ...?

I'd like to return to ...

Before we finish, one point is still open ...

Communication problems

I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. (asking for repetition)

Could you speak up please? (if the speaker is too quiet)

Could you slow down please? (if the speaker is too fast)

Could you put that another way? (if the message is still unclear)

Closing signals

Right, that's everything for the moment.

OK ... .

Who does what

So I'll call you again tomorrow.

So I'll fax you the details.

So I'll mail you the details.

Closing the call

Nice talking to you.

I'll keep in touch.

R: Thank you for calling. - You're welcome.

C: Thanks for your help. - You're welcome.

© Torsten Pagels